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    Development Assistance Center

    The association’s goal is to contribute to the socioeconomic development of the community through information, marketing, consultancy services, development activities and training activities dedicated to various social categories, companies, public authorities, trade unions, NGOs and other interested stakeholders that develop activities on a local, regional, national and international level. More

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    Asociatia pentru Consolidarea Societatii Civile VJ

    Asociatia pentru Consolidarea Societatii Civile - Valea Jiului was founded in 2005 and since then works for two main target groups: youngsters and non-governamental organziation. ACSCVJ offers consultancy for project writing and implementing to local NGO and institutions and organizes different training courses, seminars, workshops etc. More

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    Intercambia is a youth organization created by and for young people. Our main activities are based on intercultural learning, by using a non-formal education and youth program actions in order to encourage the youth participation in the international context, so abolishing the barriers between countries, reducing the racism and promoting the tolerance between different cultures. More

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    Confédération des MJC de France

    The CMJCF is a French national association that gather 13 regional Federation (Umbrella NGO) of Youth Club in France (including overseas). Theese Youth Club are named « MJC » for « Maisons des Jeunes et de la Culture » (Trans. Houses for Youth and Culture). More

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    Association of Active Youth of Florina

    Association of Active Youths of Florina (OENEF) is a Non profit – Non governmental youth organization with local and International activity. OENEF was founded in 2010 to promote youth’s active participation in sociological, cultural and environmental actions, voluntarism and democratic actions. More

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    Associazione di Promozione Sociale Joint

    The association of social promotion Joint was founded in December 2003 by a group of young people who had gained meaningful educational and formative experiences and wanted to transmit them. Joint acts to raise the citizens of tomorrow by educating the youth of today through the principles of the aggregation of youth and of exchange of knowledge, ideas, initiatives and projects. More

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    The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation

    The Cyprus Youth Clubs Organisation (KOKEN) is the oldest and largest voluntary youth organisation in Cyprus. KOKEN is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) which consists the central coordinating body of the Youth Clubs in urban and rural areas of the Republic of Cyprus. Youth in KOKEN is regarded to be the young people at the age of 13 to 35. More



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