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    Confédération des MJC de France

    The CMJCF is a French national association that gather 13 regional Federation (Umbrella NGO) of Youth Club in France (including overseas). Theese Youth Club are named « MJC » for « Maisons des Jeunes et de la Culture » (Trans. Houses for Youth and Culture).

    Through its 13 regional federation, the CMJCF gather more than 750 MJC (NGO/Association). Through its 750 MJC, CMJCF is around 400 000 members and around 10 600 of us are actively involved in boards of director.

    All the “MJC” of the CMJCF are NGO/Association. Some of its associations are only supported by volunteers while others can count, around a board of directors composed of volunteers, several dozen employees such as Youth Worker. “MJC” promote non-formal education. “MJC” are actively involved in the field of youth, culture, sports, active citizenship, fight against discrimination and much more.

    The “movement” of MJC were born at the end of WWII. They were the continuity of the resistance movement considering the need to encourage citizens and cultural practices among young people. The fields of MJC is very broad. It can go, according to local needs, to organization of sports activities, local entertainment, implementation of cultural events, international youth event, EVS, training course, debates, local lobbying etc.

    CMJCF, Regional Federation and local “MJC” receive an agreement "youth & non-formal education" of the French Ministry of Youth and Sports. CMJCF is recognize of « public interest » from the government.




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