• PIE+ Kick-off meeting in Sweden

    The first international meeting of the Project Instruments for Erasmus+ strategic partnership was organized in Gothenburg, Sweden between 15-18 January 2016. The meeting brought together the seven members of the Project Management Group as well as the five members of the Experts Group.

    The aim of the meeting was to create a common understanding of the project’s frame among the partner organizations and to look into specific details such as: objectives, roles and responsibilities, project’s timeline, budget, application form & report, instruments and strategies for project management, financial management, deadlines and the concept of frontload approach, quality assurance and evaluation.

    During the meeting we have also addressed the partners’ expectations and the impact of the project and how we are going to measure it.

    Check below the report and some of the photos from the meeting.

    Report Kick-off meeting PIE+ January 2016

    PIE+ Kick-off meeting in Sweden 1
    PIE+ Kick-off meeting in Sweden 2
    PIE+ Kick-off meeting in Sweden 3
    PIE+ Kick-off meeting in Sweden 4




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