• 1st International training course for Project Instruments for Erasmus+

    The first training course organized as part of Project Instruments for Erasmus+ took part in Florina, Greece between 12-18th of October 2016 in Florina, Greece.

    The selection of participants was the responsibility of each partner organization who has promoted the training course through their webpages and networks. A call for partners was also created on the SALTO webpage.

    Each partner organization was asked to identify two participants coming from their own organizations but also two participants from other organizations.

    The partner organizations have initially identified all the participants but due to some late cancellations the total number of participants attending the training course was twenty six (26) participants from the seven partner countries.

    The course was designed based on the project management instruments developed in the project. The objective of the training course was to give the opportunity to the participants to test the instruments and to give feedback on them as well as to create a framework of peer learning on the topic of project management in the Erasmus+ programme.

    The participants in the training course tested several of the instruments developed in the PIE+ project and they will have access to all of them after the final form will be delivered.

    The specific objectives of the training courses were:
    Reflect upon the process of project management and the benefits of managing projects with the help of dedicated instruments;
    Explore the quality elements and project management needs of more complex projects (including more than one international mobility);
    Get familiar with and learn to use the project management instruments developed in PIE+;
    Give feedback on the presented instruments;
    Network with project managers and organizations working and interested in working with more complex projects;
    Create a framework for sharing of good practices and peer learning related with project implementation, monitoring and reporting.

    The report of the training course is available at the link below:

    Report Training Course Greece – PIE+
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    1st International training course 51st International training course 6




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